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package manager translator

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Any package manager command on any distro

How to install

  • clone
  • cd mew
  • ./mew
Arch pacman Q Qc Qi Ql Qm Qo Qp Qs Qu Rn Rns Rs S Sc/Scc Si Sii Sl Ss Syu Sw Sy U
Debian / Ubuntu apt / apt-get dpkg -l changelog dpkg -s / aptitude show dpkg -L aptitude purge '~o' dpkg -S / dlocate dpkg -I aptitude search '~i(~n $name|~d $description)' apt-get upgrade -> n apt remove apt install --reinstall apt autoclean/ apt clean apt-cache show / aptitude show apt-cache rdepends / aptitude search ~D$pattern apt-cache dumpavail apt-cache dump (Cache only) apt-cache pkgnames apt search apt update && apt upgrade apt install --download-only (into the package cache) apt download (bypass the package cache) apt-get update apt install
Red Hat / Fedora dnf/rpm qa -q --changelog qi ql package-cleanup --orphans rpm -qf (installed only) or dnf provides (everything) rpm -qp rpm -qa '*<str>*' dnf list updates, dnf check-update dnf remove dnf reinstall dnf clean all dnf info dnf repoquery --alldeps --whatrequires dnf list available dnf search dnf upgrade dnf download dnf clean expire-cache && dnf check-update dnf install
SLES/openSUSE zypper/rpm search -s/ qa -q --changelog info/qi ql zypper search -f zypper list-updates zypper patch-check (just for patches) zypper remove / zypper rm zypper install --force zypper clean zypper info zypper search --requires zypper packages zypper search zypper se [-s] zypper update zypper up zypper --download-only zypper refresh zypper ref zypper in
Gentoo emerge/equery -e world changes -f -pv and -S files equery belongs eix -S -I emerge -uDNp world emerge -C emerge -1O eclean distfiles emerge -pv and emerge -S equery depends emerge -ep world emerge -S emerge -u world emerge --fetchonly emerge --sync;layman -S emerge

Adding Packages to Mew

To create a Package Manager's data follow these steps:

  • Create a {{Package Manager}}.json file.
  • The Package Manager can be any out of ['apt-get','apt','pacman','dnf','rpm','zypper','emerge','equery']
  • Add relevant data for distros ['debian','ubuntu','redhat','fedora','sles','opensuse','gentoo']
  • Now add data to the JSON file
     	"command_1" : {
     		"distro_1" : "translated command_1 in distro_1",
     		"distro_2" : "translated command_1 in distro_2",
     	"command_2" : {
     		"distro_1" : "translated command_2 in distro_1",
     		"distro_2" : "translated command_2 in distro_2",
  • Save the {{Package Manager}}.json file into `data' folder.
  • Done