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This tool can be run in the root directory of a Cabal project which provides a way to look around the source modules.

Stackage-view screenshot

On the left are modules of the project and on the right is the source of the module.


In a Cabal project directory, run stackage-view and you should see:

$ stackage-view
Point your browser to http://localhost:3000/

If you go to that URL in your browser, you will see:

Target choosing screen

Pick the targets you want to check out and then hit Done.

Current Features

  • Go to definition: You can double-click any identifier to jump straight to the definition.
  • Type information of any expression or pattern binding. Just click any identifier to see its type. Alternatively, you can select an expression to see the type of that. Hitting the <-> expansion button will expand the selection to a parent node.