Clean and digitalize your data
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Clean and digitalize your data

  • remove nils and empty stuff
  • if strings look like numbers then make them numbers
  • make map keys more idiomatic "This way" -> :this-way, also represent numbers as keywords
  • trim strings


Add [digitalize "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"] to your :dependencies vector.

(require 'digitalize.core)

And now you can use digitalize, which expects at least one argument, the data structure to digitalize/clean.

Which can be any collection:

(digitalize [1 "" nil]) => [1]

(digitalize [nil [] :oh {"OOO H" "1" "ooooh" nil} {:this {:will {:go {2 nil}}}}])

=> (:oh {:ooo-h 1})

Optional Parameters

You can use :clean-numbers false to avoid attempting to parse numeric strings as numbers.

And :clean-keys false to avoid attempting to convert map keys that are strings as keywords.


Copyright © 2016 Andrés Gómez Urquiza

Distributed under Eclipse Public License 1.0