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Clash for openwrt [Luci-app-clash]
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Clash for OpenWrt

A rule based custom proxy for Openwrt based on Clash.


  • Download and install clash ipk for openwrt Download Clash ipk .

  • cd /tmp

  • opkg install clash_0.16.5_x86_64.ipk


  • HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS protocol
  • Surge like configuration
  • GeoIP rule support
  • Support Vmess/Shadowsocks/Socks5
  • Support for Netfilter TCP redirect
  • Support Shadowsocks-V2ray-plugin
  • Support Shadowsocks-Obfs-plugin
  • Support Custom Rule
  • Support fake-ip
  • logs and traffic API support websocket
  • support custom hosts (NOTE: if a host pointed to a local IP but pass through a proxy by rule, it won't use DIRECT)
  • support customizing bind-address when allow-lan is true
  • trace adapters when dialing
  • allow arbitrary order in proxy group
  • add read clash version API
  • add dns fallback filters
  • v2ray-plugin support disable mux
  • proxy group use correctly last speed test record
  • experimental support snell
  • fakeip small-probability missing record


Clash for OpenWrt is released under the MIT License - see detailed LICENSE .

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