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Release Notes


  • ports -c: Don't try removing a filesystem that was not created.
  • ports -c: Add new '-m null -M path' syntax for system ports trees.
  • ports -d: Fix some cases where trees were not deleted when expected to be. This is only for trees created after this fix.
  • ports -c -F: The -m method is now respected with -F.
  • bulk/testport: Link a latest-done symlink in the log dir when a build completes.
  • pwait: Fix kern.randompid hangs
  • queue: Fix for sending commands to poudriered [not well supported]
  • jail -u: Don't run freebsd-update update for PRERELEASE, STABLE or CURRENT jails.
  • jail -c -m ftp: Avoid bad number comparison with '12-CURRENT'
  • jail -c: Don't allow creating a jail when its mountpoint already exists
  • XDEV: Attempt to link /usr/bin/makewhatis
  • sh: Update from FreeBSD head r319826
  • sh: Enable nofork for clock, dirempty and realpath commands.
  • jail -u: Only run freebsd-update if needed
  • bulk CHECK_CHANGED_DEPS: Only run ldconfig -r once for the entire build rather than for every package.
  • poudriere: Allow MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX from command environment.
  • jail: Support src-env.conf
  • poudriere: Force umask 022 and allow override with UMASK in poudriere.conf
  • Default RESOLV_CONF to host's /etc/resolv.conf
  • jail -k: Don't force having a portstree for cleanup
  • Fix MNAMELEN check consistency (2 different length paths were being used for calculations)
  • bulk -n: Fix .building directory sticking around on early exit.
  • pkgclean: Fix to remove packages from .building directory from previously-failed bulk.
  • bulk: Store build name in PACKAGES/.buildname
  • jail -x: Add back a default for NXBDESTDIR for older base branches
  • jail -cu -m ftp: Fix jail and mounts lingering on failure.
  • testport: Fix handling of broken ports.
  • Jails: Don't use allow.socket_af, allow.raw_sockets in the no-networking jail.
  • Nested jails:
    • Don't force allow.socket_af, allow.raw_sockets, allow.chflags, and allow.sysvipc
    • Check for and error if the following flags are not enabled:
      • enforce_statfs=1, allow.mount, allow.mount.devfs, allow.mount.nullfs, and allow.mount.tmpfs
      • children.max is not properly exposed in a nested jail and so is not checked.
    • Fix trying to add loopback address in nested jail when there is none.
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