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Once more, but with feeling: Please never post information about specific SecureDrop users to this public wiki.

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Open, community-based software projects developing tools for humans real needs, need user-centered research and design. Compelled to contribute? Read-on, and please do!

UX Meetings

Public meetings are scheduled weekly. You don’t need to be a member of the UX team to participate, just show-up and introduce yourself. RSVP's are appreciated, and meeting agendas typically come together on each meeting's wiki page, ad-hoc, the day before.


Best practice guides for user-centric decisions and activities for design/research practitioners and non-practicioners, alike!


SecureDrop UX Resources

  • New Study template page
    • Includes outgoing links to current/past study research plans, discussion guides, and other artifacts
  • Screenshots from the current (Sep 2018) Journalist and Source UIs
  • A smattering of other pages that discuss combined design/research efforts from past Journalist Interface (web) ux work
  • In-progress Personas work for Source and Journalist users (journalist linked artifacts tbd)
  • Newsroom profiles and journey maps documenting SecureDrop workflows linked artifacts tbd
  • Survey Resources
  • Redaction Guide
    • Taking notes of a user working with the product, of a user interview, or a straight transcript of either? Awesome!
    • Out of respect for research participants it is a UX industry standard to always redact notes and/or transcripts, before sharing with a broader team. For SecureDrop, the need to protect participant and contributor safety is clearly more urgent.
    • Please NEVER share notes or transcripts from a research session, before fully redacting.
      • If using GitHub Wiki, GDocs, or any tool that preserves document history, please be mindful to cut-and-paste redacted text into a new document, and to ONLY share that document.

User Research

As a project brought to life by a community of generous volunteers, publicly available and easy to consume evidence of user needs as uncovered through human-centered research, is vital.

Have a particular thing in mind you feel could benefit from some UxR love? Great! Please check out our open backlog issues to see if it may fit into one, create a new issue, or attend one of our Thursday (public!) meetings to informally present your idea.

Call For Global Facilitators

We welcome one and all to contribute in helping us learn more about the needs of journalists, whistle-blowers, IT folks managing or installing SecureDrop instances, and how SecureDrop impacts the work of each. We especially need research facilitation help in countries outside the United States and Western Europe, fluent in both English and the local languages. Countries in the Middle East, Russia, Asia, Africa, and South America, are of especially high importance to secure volunteer resources in.

Interested? Please add yourself to our list of UX community volunteers—and specify your interest in research facilitation. Location and language skills are the only things we are unprepared to offer guidance in—everything else, is cake. :)

Experience Design Projects

Design on today's SecureDrop Source web interface and Journalist web interface are ongoing. We encourage new folks interested in contributing to this work to browse the SecureDrop Issues flagged as UX. Broader efforts outside of the above, are captured in our User Experience Design issues. Below are pages for larger efforts happening:




Et cetera

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