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  1. js_cookie_rails js_cookie_rails Public

    Adds js-cookie to the Rails asset pipeline.

    Ruby 27 6

  2. capistrano-thin capistrano-thin Public

    Simple Thin specific tasks for Capistrano 3.x

    Ruby 20 6

  3. spree_simple_weight_calculator spree_simple_weight_calculator Public

    A Spree shipping costs calculator based on total order weight.

    Ruby 14 24

  4. spree_scaffold spree_scaffold Public

    Forked from sebastyuiop/spree_scaffold

    Admin scaffold generator for Spree

    Ruby 13 18

  5. spree_abandoned_carts spree_abandoned_carts Public

    Take some action for Spree abandoned carts

    Ruby 10 13

  6. spree_env_ribbon spree_env_ribbon Public

    Display current environment on Spree admin

    Ruby 9 2


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