@ereOn ereOn released this May 8, 2015 · 204 commits to master since this release

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- Implemented version 3 of the FreeLAN Secure Channel Protocol (breaks compatibility with FreeLAN 1.1).
- Added support for TUN adapters.
- Fixed IPv6 support.
- Added support for passphrase-based authentication.
- Added auto-generation of certificates.
- Added IP routing support.
- Added IP routes advertisement.
- Added DNS servers advertisement.
- Added IPv6 neighbor discovery emulation.
- Added a Maximum Segment Size (MSS) override switch to avoid UDP fragmentation of wrapped TCP connections.
- Refactored reactor code for reduced latency and better throughput (performance improvement).
- Added native support for Perfect Forward Secrecy using ECDHE.
- Added support for colored log output (on Linux and Mac OS X).
- Improved overall logging information.
- Added native HTTP(S) client-server mechanism for distributed username/password-based authentication.


This release is *NOT* compatible with FreeLAN 1.1. Failing to upgrade some of your clients will result in guaranteed connectivity issues.

The native client-server mechanism is intended as a replacement for the late freelan-server project.
May 8, 2015
2.0 - Release candidate 2

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2.0 - Release candidate 1

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