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Welcome to Freshbits.

We develop elegant web apps and powerful backend systems for the leading companies of the age.

Our current tech stack is: Laravel, Vue.js, Inertia.js, and Tailwind CSS (VITL stack)

The following are our open source packages:

And here is a course by Gaurav on developing fast and secure APIs in Laravel.

If you are looking for more users to your website? Or more sales? Our custom digital solutions can help you grow your business. Let us discuss.

PS - We are hiring.


  1. Make debugging easier by adding more data to your laravel logs (Laravel 5.6+)

    PHP 342 28

  2. Managing the cart in your Laravel/E-commerce application is a breeze

    PHP 211 27

  3. laratables Public

    Ajax support of DataTables (Laravel 5.5 to Laravel 8.x)

    PHP 490 61


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