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Frictionless Data

Lightweight specifications and software to shorten the path from data to insight. Code of Conduct:


  1. project Public

    General issue tracker for the Frictionless Data project.

    121 51

  2. specs Public

    Technical specifications and guidelines for implementing Frictionless Data.

    JavaScript 439 103

  3. Data management framework for Python that provides functionality to describe, extract, validate, and transform tabular data

    Python 532 115

  4. A lightweight, standardized library accessing files and datasets, especially tabular ones (CSV, Excel).

    JavaScript 62 7

  5. repository Public

    Data management service that brings continuous data validation to tabular data in your repository via Github Action

    JavaScript 23 6

  6. libraries Public

    Data integration libraries for 10 programming languages that implement Frictionless Data concepts in code

    JavaScript 9


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