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A minimalist version of the Gutenberg editor
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A minimalist version of Gutenberg's editor. Ideal for checking your custom blocks.

npm install @frontkom/g-editor
npm start

You can include your custom block by passing its path in BLOCK_DIR env var.

BLOCK_DIR=\absolute\path\to\your-custom-block npm start

The editor expects that your custom block has an index.js and a style.css in its build folder.

  ├── ...
  ├── build
  │  ├── index.js
  │  └── style.css
  └── ...

g-editor and Gutenberg-js

Since version 1.0, g-editor no longer depends on Gutenberg-js. It now includes the source Gutenberg packages directly.

Current Gutenberg version



The sample videos are a courtesy of Pixabay:

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