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CSS Optimization Basics: An Open Living Book

This is the source of the open and living book CSS Optimization Basics by O’Reilly author and former Google tech lead Jens Oliver Meiert (short: Jens).

You have two options to get the book.

  1. You can read the book here, for free.
  2. For a small amount you can purchase a nicer electronic copy at Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play Books, Leanpub, Gumroad, or Payhip.

In the first versions of CSS Optimization Basics, there are probably some errors and typos. There will also be more that not only could but should be said about CSS optimization. (The book is a lot about the craft and the basics of writing CSS.)

As this is an indie book, consider these options:

  1. File an issue for any problems you find—and get mentioned as a book contributor.
  2. Submit a pull request for specific fixes and suggestions—and, if accepted, get mentioned as a book contributor, too.

With increasing quality and maturity of the book, the price of ebook may go up (probably only up to the price of some of Jens’s self-published books). That still won’t be much for a tech book, even a short one, however. Everyone can always grab the free version or an update here, too; if you purchase a copy, please keep that in mind as book sellers may have different ways of sharing updates.

This just for a start. The book is open as everything’s public and free, and it’s living as it’s going to be maintained both by Jens as well as everyone who likes to help make it better. 🥂