A light hexo theme based on Even, designed by Giuem.
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A light theme bases on Even, designed by Giuem.

在线预览 Demo

Polar Bear


$ npm install hexo-renderer-scss --save
$ git clone https://github.com/frostfan/hexo-theme-polarbear themes/polarbear

修改(Change) polarbear/config.yml theme: polarbear

# Extensions
## Plugins: http://hexo.io/plugins/
## Themes: http://hexo.io/themes/
theme: polarbear

# 在归档页面显示所有文章 (Show all articles on archive page.)
# 需要安装(Need to install) hexo-generator-archive 插件支持
    per_page: 0
    yearly: false
    monthly: false
    daily: false


主题较为简陋粗糙,使用及修改时需要对 Hexo 有一定了解。 The theme is relatively simple and rough, have a certain understanding of Hexo before you use and modify.


# widget function
# false: disable
# widget_custom: custom your widget
#   title: your widget title
#   content: Add your html code in here. Example: <p>testing...</p>
  Tags: true
  Categories: false
  Custom: false

    title: Test
    content: <p>testing...</p>

增加功能 (More Functions)

This theme base on Even

You can find more functions at Even, copy and change codes as you want.

EX:赞赏(Reward)、底部版权(Copyright)、社交图标(Social icon)

感谢 (Thanks)

Theme Even author: ahonn

Theme style designed by: Giuem