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FSharp.Compiler.Service documentation generation

Contributing to Library Content

To improve the content of the FSharp.Compiler.Service library documentation, contribute to the XML /// documentation in the signature files (*.fsi) in the FSharp.Compiler.Service implementation.

The docs are generated by using fsdocs tool from FSharp.Formatting.

Build steps

Eventually the build will just be

dotnet tool restore
dotnet restore FSharp.Compiler.Service
dotnet fsdocs build

For now, we make a fresh build of FSharp.Compiler.Service.

(start in fsharp-conpiler-docs)
dotnet restore fsharp-conpiler-docs

(make fsharp-conpiler-docs/fsharp)
git clone --depth 1 -b main

(build fsharp-conpiler-docs) 
pushd fsharp
.\build -noVisualStudio

Then do iterative development using:

(from fsharp-conpiler-docs)
dotnet fsdocs watch --sourcefolder fsharp  --input fsharp/docs

CI Pipeline

This repo is published via GitHub Actions. On each push to main, the docs are built, and the outputs (which are written to the output directory by fsdocs) are pushed to the gh-pages branch. This repo is configured to host using GitHub Pages from this branch.