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Suggestion: Make F# components work as part of MonoTouch apps #33

funnelweb opened this Issue Oct 13, 2012 · 10 comments

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Miguel said this means buildiing FSharp.Core against the 2.1 profile of Mono but I can't even find that profile yet.

I installed the emulator-only version of MonoDroid and MonoTouch and looked for the binaries for the 2.1 profile in the MonoDroid installation files but can't find them.


OK, I found the platform binaries for these, e.g. they install to


I'll now try building FSharp.Core against these


I have added an experimental build of FSharp.Core for MonoAndroid, see 259fc20

Just do:

make do-2-1

and you get



You can now build and use F# components on MonoAndroid by using the FSharp.Core.dll you get with "make do-2-1" and "make install-2-1".

That's not to say it is easy - you can't do this directly from MonoTouch because you need to have a project file etc. but you can do it if you compile from the command line.

More testing is needed too

F# Compiler and Components (Open Edition) member


Do you have an iPhone or an Android? We can give you the licenses to test on device.


Android. Can you send me an iPad too :-)

mcandre commented Nov 5, 2012

Upvote. Please get F# working more fully for iOS.

F# Compiler and Components (Open Edition) member
7sharp9 commented Mar 10, 2013

I have a patch for this, eta soon ...


eagerly awaited


me too! Android stuff works lovely :),

ghost commented Nov 9, 2013

Xamarin have improved their support in this area enough that iOS apps are now viable.

@ghost ghost closed this Nov 9, 2013
This issue was closed.
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