Beautiful api documentation generator for Clojure.
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[funcool/boot-codeina "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"]

Tasks for generate beautiful api reference documentation for the boot Clojure build tool


Add boot-codeina to your build.boot dependencies and require the namespace:

(set-env! :dependencies '[[funcool/boot-codeina "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT" :scope "test"]])
(require '[funcool.boot-codeina :refer :all])

 apidoc {:version "0.1.0"
         :title "MyPackage name"
         :sources #{"src"}
         :description "MyPackage description"})

And now, execute the apidoc task:

$ boot apidoc
Generated HTML docs in /home/user/yourproject/doc/api

You can get the detailed information passing -h parameter to the apidoc task:

$ boot apidoc -h
Generate beautiful api documentation.

  -h, --help              Print this help info.
  -t, --title TITLE       Set the project title to TITLE.
  -s, --sources SOURCES   Conj SOURCES onto sources to read.
  -d, --description DESC  Set the project description to DESC.
  -v, --version VERSION   Set the project version to VERSION.
  -i, --include INCLUDE   Conj INCLUDE onto include concrete namespaces.
  -x, --exclude EXCLUDE   Conj EXCLUDE onto exclude concrete namespaces.
  -f, --format FORMAT     Set docstring format to FORMAT.
  -o, --target OUTDIR     Set the output directory to OUTDIR.
  -n, --root ROOTDIR      Set the project root directory to ROOTDIR.
  -u, --src-uri SRCURI    Set source code uri to SRCURI.
  -w, --writer WRITER     Set documentation writer to WRITER.
  -r, --reader READER     Set source reader to READER.