An open source book about ClojureScript
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ClojureScript Unraveled

An open source ClojureScript book. Read an HTML version here. A version for ebook readers (epub, mobi) is available on Leanpub, where you have the opportunity to make a donation and buy us a beer.

This books aims to serve as:

  • A comprehensive introduction to the ClojureScript language and its idiomatic usage, assuming no previous experience with Clojure or functional programming;
  • a detailed guide of the ClojureScript compiler and the tooling around it; and
  • a mixed bag of topics that are useful in day-to-day ClojureScript programming.

As such, it is divided into three main sections: Language, Tooling & Compiler, and Mixed Bag.


At this moment the book is still being written and is mostly incomplete.

We are not native English speakers, so language improvements and typo fixes are very, very welcome!

How to Contribute

This is a quick and dirty FAQ:

  • If you found some typo or wording improvements (that do not imply any structural changes) open a pull-request directly.
  • If you want to propose a new chapter, please open an issue for discussing it.
  • If you want to propose a structural change, please open an issue for discussing it.
  • If you want to suggest an additional topic, please open an issue for discussing it.

Please, maintain the commit size small for easy commits picking.

Rules for text formatting:

  • Use correct asciidoctor syntax.
  • Max line width should be 84 chars.

General note:

At this moment, we do not have plans to accept new chapters until the the basic book structure is finished. This is not because we don't want to, but because it's very difficult to handle that at this stage of the book. That being said, proposals are very welcome.

How to build

The book is written using asciidoctor, so you should install the last version of asciidoctor using your package manager. The asciidoctor is responsible of the generation of the online html format. So if you are happy with a local copy in html format, this is a unique dependency that you need.

This is a command for generate the html:

make html
chromium dist/index.html

PDF (Linux)

If you want to generate a pdf. Some additional depencies are needed. For this process we are using fopub tool (included in the repo) that requires the JDK 7 or 8.

For generate pdf, having jdk installed, execute this:

make git
make pdf
# This will generate dist/clojurescript-unraveled.pdf

And finally, if you want to generate epub or mobi, you should install calibre and docbook-xsl using the package manager of you distribution. Once you have this installed, execute the following commands:

make epub
make mobi


In order to build the pdf on OS X, please follow the notes on this issue.


This book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.