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A bash script used to spin R scripts and organize the output. Relies on the knitr package developoed by Yihui Xie.

Table of Contents


To install, execute the following steps from the remote server:

  1. Cone this repository

    git clone
  2. cd into spin-my-script and ensure both spin and knitr_spin.R are executable

    cd spin-my-script
    chmod +x spin
    chmod +x knitr_spin.R
  3. Add spin-my-script to your path, however you like. For instance in your ~/.bashrc file add:

    export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/spin-my-script/


Using $ spin <script.R> intel14 00:10:00 8 will submit <script.R> to the intel14 cluster with a walltime of 10 minutes and 8GB of RAM. You must specify those four arguments: cluster, walltime, RAM.

Internally, knitr::spin(<script.R>) is used to convert <script.R> into <>, the literate version of the same script.

Additionally your project space will be updated. Assuming your project space looks something like this:

    │   1-script.R
    │   1-script.R

and $ spin project/subfolder1/1-script.R intel14 00:10:00 8 is called, the project space will update to:

    │   1-script.R
    |	1-script_literate/
    |	|
    |	└─
    |      1-script.out
    |	   figure/
    │   1-script.R

1-script.out contains standard output from the cluster run, which may contain useful information like walltime used, RAM used, etc. figure/ is a directory produced by the knitr package, which contains all figures generated from 1-script.R

Note on other languages

spin may be used for scripts written in other languages too. This requires modifying the engine setting for each code chunk by placing the following at the top of your script:


Note that this has not been tested with other scripting languages other than R


📜 A little bash/R hack to submit R scripts to PBS job schedulers, knitr::spin them, and store the output in an organized way



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