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This is a UPnP Media Player and controller for the Tingbot

To use, first select your media library on the "Library" tab. Next press the "Current button" and select which player to use. It should remember these settings next time you use it. Finally go back to the Library and select some media to play. A long press on an album/folder will allow you to play or enqueue all the sonds in that track.

Pressing the right button will increase the volume, the midright button decreases volume Left button starts playing the previous track, midleft button plays the next track

If you have a USB audio dongle attached, then you can play musci through it - a player will appear called Tingbot. This can also be controlled by any other UPnP controller on your network (such as BubbleUPnP for android phones)

If you want to have your tingbot hold your music and serve them, look into installing minidlna apt-get install minidlna