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The Problem

HTML file inputs suck... it is difficult to upload more than one file at a time. HTML5 brought the multiple attribute, but this is still a poor interface because it doesn't allow for files from different directories to be selected and it's just not a good experience.

The Solution

jquery.multifile.js tries to resolved this problem by creating multiple file inputs. When one file input is filled out, it is hidden and a new one appears. It gives the user an editable list of files entered so far. It supports

  • IE7 (maybe even 6)
  • file input multiple attribute
  • templating, you could even add thumbnails if you want (using the File API

jquery.multifile.js can use the File API, but it doesn't need it to work. You can use it in any browser, even IE.



<input class="multifile" type="file" name="files[]">



Customization example

You can customize plugin by setting target container (using jquery selectors) for uploaded files and specifying template for each file

    container: "#upload-container",
    template: function (file) {
        var fileName =;
        var fileExtension ='.').pop();

        var result =
            '<p class="uploaded_image">' +
            '<a href="#" class="multifile_remove_input">Close me</a>' +
            '<span class="filename">$fileName ($fileExtension)</span>' +

        result = result.replace('$fileExtension', fileExtension).replace('$fileName', fileName)

        return $(result);


There are several optional options you can pass into multifile:

  • container - A jQuery-able (selector, element, jQuery object, etc.) where the files to be uploaded should be put.

  • template - A callback for creating the file preview.



To add image previews add a script tag with the src attribute set to the jquery.multifile.preview plugin after jquery.multifile.js.

<script src="js/jquery.multifile.js" />
<script src="js/jquery.multifile.preview.js" />

Now there is an img.multifile_preview element that will use the FileReader API to set the src to the DataURI of the file to be uploaded.

Note The browser must have support for the FileReader API and the Data URI scheme