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hapi Tutorial Series

This repository contains code examples for the hapi tutorial series with 100+ tutorials. The hapi tutorial series is published within the Future Studio University.

YouTube Playlist

Find a playlist on YouTube with videos on the individual tutorials. Each video is related to a tutorial and walks you through the implementation of an individual feature. It’s all practical, watch me live code :)

This hapi tutorial series is sponsored by Future Studio University 🚀
Join the Future Studio University and Skyrocket in Node.js


You need the following tools installed on your machine to actually run the individual examples:

  • Node.js v4+
  • NPM


To set up the required environment, just clone this repository to your local machine and install the NPM dependencies.

$ git clone
$ cd nodejs-tutorials-hapi
$ npm i

Run Examples

Every example code contains its own hapi server that kicks off at localhost:3000.

$ cd examples
$ cd <your chosen example>
$ node server

Many examples allow you to check them out within the browser. Navigate your browser to the url localhost:3000 with a running example server in the background.

Do you wanna see a specific example?

Don't worry, just let us know :) You can file an idea within our university-ping repository and let us know about anything you're interested to see!

Enjoy coding & make it rock!