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Another paper management tool
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PaperArxiv is a new paper management tool that help to organise your mind. It focus on taking notes, organising and archiving your files. Different from existing paper manage tools, PaperArxiv does not focus on reference making, but emphasize on eliminating the gap between your ideas and your document.


  • Auto Extraction: It can extract almost all information from pdf files and generate default meta information;
  • Portable: all information is stored in one folder and you can put in your cloud disk and take it everywhere;
  • Universal Search: You can use its powerful find tool to find whatever you want, tags, names, notes... No matter what comes into your mind.

Getting Start

  1. Download PaperArxiv;
  2. Unzip the file and put the app into your Application floder;
  3. Open PaperArxiv;
  4. Click Add Button to select a paper in pdf format, Paper will automatically generate a new item;
  5. Double Click the item and add some notes;




On Mac you can run

npm install
npm run buildmac
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