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Blank WordPress Pot

Author URI: Contributors: Fx Bénard aka FxB Tags: i18n, translation, blank, pot Requires at least: WordPress Tested up to: 4.1 Stable tag: 0.1. License: GNU General Public License v3 or later.

Blank WordPress Pot allows developers to have a great starting point for their translations' pot files and translators an explanation how to use the file.


Developers and translators sometimes get a little confused when they want to start translating their WordPress files. Blank WordPress Pot provides the starting point to create the ready to translate pot file. In a few clicks your WordPress plugin or extension will be ready to incorporate your translated strings. No more default.po or .pot without the right settings.

Features of the files include

  • Right properties set (utf-8, plurals).
  • Right path set.
  • All keywords included.
  • A how-to file for translators to explain how to use the pot file.

How does it work?

  1. Create the "languages" folder right at the base of your root folder.
  2. Put Blank-WordPress.pot and the how-to file inside.
  3. Rename Blank-WordPress.pot with the slug of your plugin or extension.
  4. Open the file with Poedit.
  5. In Catalog -> Properties -> Translation properties: change the properties to match your WordPress file name -> ok.
  6. Push the update button in poedit main ui to fetch and update the translated strings.
  7. Save (if a notice ask you to pick a language just pick "none of this"). Use your textdomain name if it's a plugin or only en_US for the name of your file.
  8. Exit and that's it.

Now the translators have a pot file ready to be used, and an HowTo to tell them what to do in case of need. No more hassle for you and for them...


Blank-WordPress-Pot is the starter pot file to include in your language folder



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