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random svg blob generator
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$ npm install blobs
<script src=""></script>


const svg = blobs(options);

Options are not sanitized. Never trust raw user-submitted values in the options.



Name Type Description
size number Bounding box dimensions (in pixels)
complexity number Shape complexity (number of points)
contrast number Shape contrast (randomness of point position)


Name Type Default Description
color string? "none" Fill color
stroke object? ... Stroke options
stroke.color string "none" Stroke color
stroke.width number 0 Stroke width (in pixels)
seed string? random Value to seed random number generator
guides boolean? false Render points, handles and stroke

Either stroke or color must be defined.

Guides will use stroke color and width if defined. Otherwise, they default to black stroke with width of 1.

Example Options Object
const options = {
   size: 600,
   complexity: 0.2,
   contrast: 0.4,
   color: "#ec576b",
   stroke: {
      width: 0,
      color: "black",
   guides: false,
   seed: "1234",


If you need to edit the output svg for your use case, blobs also allows for editable output.

const editableSvg = blobs.editable(options);

The output of this function is a data structure that represents a nested svg document. This structure can be changed and rendered to a string using its render function.

editableSvg.attributes.width = 1000;
const svg = editableSvg.render();

Utilities to create nodes in the editable output can be imported from blobs/editable.

import {xml} from "blobs/editable";

const xmlChild = xml("path");
xmlChild.attributes.stroke = "red";
// ...



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