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Online voting system
Majority Judgement demo


This software was written with two purposes:
    1. to have an online voting system for the association,
	2. to provide a demo of the Majority Judgement voting system.
It is free software and we encourage to use, distribute, and modify the code.
The original code is written in python 3.8 and you can download it from the Copernicani github repository:	
The code is based on Flask web framework.


frontend/ - the source code
    - static/: contains images, js and all static files
    - templates/: contains html files for Flask template system.
    - translations/: contains translation files for Babel internationalization system.
database/ - This directories contains scripts for create database.   
cypress/  - automated tests


We used a strict separation of roles of code, explaination follows.
The main file is it is a Flask main file. Every webpage is a function in this file.
It means that every function calls modules, retrieve data, put data in a template end return the webpage.
We have few types of modules:
    * DAO modules: objects and function accessing DB
    * BO modules: objects and function implementing business logic.
    * test modules: test classes for BO and DAO mobules
    * map objects to DB tables in database using SqlAlchemy. Every object has comments explaining his purpose.
    * retrieve configuration from environment

To setup and run system in your pc you need following:
  - install postgresql or mysql
  - create the database in database/postgresql/create.sql
  - configure environment variables (see
  - set SPRITZ_AUTH as 'test'
  - install python modules (see requirements.txt)
  - run
  - point your browser to http://localhost:5000/
  - login as 'aldo' with password 'aldo'

Virtualenv is highly recommended.
If you use Visual Studio Code or another dev editor, you can set environment variables in the editor configuration.