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這個專案是為了兩岸服務貿易協定所開始的一個專案,目前這個網站會把所有會受到協定衝擊的公司列在這個 map 上,還有會讓一般民眾可以上傳抗議標語,然後把它羅列在這個 map 上面。

This project is kicked off to defend the bill of Trade in Services Agreement between Taiwan and Mainland China from approval. Here we are listing cooperations influented, rolling slogans from folks, and exhibiting photos from ruins. If you are concerning these behaviors of selling Taiwan, start to commit today. We need you.

twcompany parser


data from dropbox

data folder is from ronnywang's data , remake is after parser

Mapping for Categorizations

Mapping on EtherCalc

  1. 行政院主計處

  2. 經濟部商業司

  3. 服貿開放清單

  4. 大陸人民來台投資業別項目



Backend Setup

  1. install ruby. version 1.9 or later of recommendation

  2. $ gem install bundler

  3. $ bundle install

  4. unicorn -p port to run

Database schema

Column   |          Type          |                     Modifiers
id       | integer                | not null default nextval('store_id_seq'::regclass)
location | geometry(Point,4326)   |
name     | character varying(128) |
taxid    | character(8)           |
address  | text                   |
categoies| text[]                 |
status   |                        |
owner    |                        |

Database Setup

Install postgresql

$ brew install postgresql postgis

$ brew services start postgresql  # run postgresql on booting


$ sudo aptitude install postgresql-9.3 postgresql-9.3-postgis-2.1

Setup postgresql

$ createuser tisa --superuser --encrypted --pwprompt

$ createdb tisa

Run migration

$ sequel config/database.yml -m migrations

Allow external access

# /etc/postgresql/9.3/main/pg_hba.conf
host    all   all   md5

# /etc/postgresql/9.3/main/postgresql.conf
listen_addresses = '*'


  1. 以中心點和半徑搜尋 Point example: /lng/121.745957/lat/25.133235/radius/100

  2. 以所營事業項目搜尋 Point

  3. 以公司名稱搜尋 Point example: /name/三通報關通運有限公司

  4. 以統一編號搜尋 Point example: /taxid/00000000

  • 返回值都是 GeoJSON

Asset Pipeline with Sass/Scss/Compass

Now we use Sprockets to package and compress css and js files. No precompilation needed. The has served all assets from /assets on the fly. Currently the major css syntax variant in this project is Scss and we are using Mixins from Compass.

你被服貿了嗎 controller / view maps


UI Flow URL endpoint Parameters Layout File Template File
① Index / None views/layout/_query.slim views/index.slim
② Search Result /search :keyword views/layout/_query.slim views/search.slim
③ Category Select /company/:tax_id :tax_id views/layout/_query.slim views/category.slim
④ Result /result/? :id,:cat[] views/result_affected.slim or views/result_not_affected

All templates inherits the main layout views/layout/_layout.slim.

License: MIT


trade in service agreement map.



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