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A command line client for Toggl.


Download the latest release package.

Unzip the .tar somewhere on your filesystem:

tar vxf toggl-cli-0.x.tar.gz

Install the program using the Makefile:

make install

The client is now available as toggl in ~/local/bin, therefore in $PATH.


Requires an environment variable TOGGL_KEY set with the API key for the present user. The key can be found in the user profile.

export TOGGL_KEY=<api key>

Available commands

toggl me

Information about the current user.

toggl start [task name]

Start a new task named "task name".

toggl get current

Fetch the current running task.

toggl get last [n]

Fetch the last n tasks, or the latest non-running one.

toggl stop current

Stop the current running task.

toggl start last

Start a new time slot for the last task.

Package application

sbt pack-archive