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Test-Kitchen / DSC / HyperV quick Demo


Test-Kitchen is quite new to me, so my source comes from Steven Murawski's blog. He has installation step and also links to documentation. My installation step after ChefDK and test-kitchen and modules:

  • downloaded an evaluation image from Microsoft downloads
  • installed WMF5
  • ran windows updates
  • sysprep'ed it, and used the resulting vhd image.
  • I filled the attached yml configuration.

Useful commands to get started

The following commands runs an end to end test

C:\> kitchen test

The command will create the VM if it does not exist already, and will converge to your DSC configruation. If you run it a second time without destroying the VM it will try to converge again.

C:\> kitchen converge

The following command will destroy your VM.

C:\> kitchen destroy

The following parameter will enable debug level to any of the commands above

--log-level debug

Such as:

C:> kitchen test --log-level debug

Pester Test

The test in TestWinOps is simply validating that the DSC resource did what was expected.

DSC script

This DSC configuration based on the Script resource is an illustration to show how Idempotence is managed across the DSC resources, whether using wmf5 class based resource or not.