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Update tool XSD against latest Galaxy.

Fixes #622.
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jmchilton committed Jan 30, 2017
1 parent e593e1b commit fca4183f80717be31d051cfc290a5949bc2879aa
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@@ -1916,7 +1916,7 @@ parameter being described. All the attributes for the ``param`` element are
documented below for completeness, but here are the common ones for each
type are as follows:
### Parameter Types
@@ -1942,6 +1942,20 @@ rendered on the tool form as a text area instead of a single line text box.
<param name="foo" type="text" area="True" size="5x25" />
As of 17.01, ``text`` parameters can also supply a static list of preset
defaults options. The user **may** be presented with the option to select one of
these but will be allowed to supply an arbitrary text value.
<param name="foo" type="text" value="foo 1">
<option value="foo 1">Foo 1 Display</option>
<option value="foo 2">Foo 2 Display</option>
See [param_text_option.xml](
for a demonstration of this.
#### ``integer`` and ``float``
@@ -2236,6 +2250,11 @@ but not always the tool's input dataset).
<xs:documentation xml:lang="en"></xs:documentation>
<xs:attribute name="refresh_on_change" type="PermissiveBoolean">
<xs:documentation xml:lang="en">Force a reload of the tool panel when the value of this parameter changes to allow ``code`` file processing. See deprecation-like notice for ``code`` blocks.</xs:documentation>
<xs:attribute name="force_select" type="PermissiveBoolean" gxdocs:deprecated="true">
<xs:documentation xml:lang="en">Used only if the ``type`` attribute
@@ -3260,7 +3279,7 @@ to the tool.
This more advanced example, taken from Mothur's
tool demonstrates using filters to sort a list and remove duplicate entries.
@@ -3310,7 +3329,7 @@ tool demonstrates adding values to an option list using ``filter``s.
While this fragment from maf_to_interval.xml demonstrates removing items.
While this fragment from [maf_to_interval.xml]( demonstrates removing items.
<param name="species" type="select" label="Select additional species"
@@ -3375,7 +3394,7 @@ used with ``type`` of ``add_value``).</xs:documentation>
<xs:attribute name="key" type="xs:string">
<xs:documentation xml:lang="en">When ``type`` is ``data_meta``, ``param_value``,
or ``remove_value`` - this is the name of the metadata key of ref to filter by.</xs:documentation>
or ``remove_value`` - this is the name of the metadata key to filter by.</xs:documentation>
<xs:attribute name="multiple" type="PermissiveBoolean" default="false">
@@ -3422,6 +3441,13 @@ is the index into the list to add the option to. If not set, the option will be
added to the end of the list.</xs:documentation>
<xs:attribute name="meta_ref" type="xs:string">
<xs:documentation xml:lang="en">Only used when ``type`` is
``remove_value``. Dataset to look for the value of metadata ``key`` to remove
from the list.</xs:documentation>
<xs:complexType name="Outputs">
@@ -4802,7 +4828,7 @@ prepended with the warning ``Warning: Branch A was taken in execution``.
<xs:documentation xml:lang="en"><![CDATA[See
or the test tool
for simple examples of how this tag set is used in a tool. This tag set is
optionally contained within the ``<data>`` tag set and is the container tag set
for the following ``<when>`` tag set.]]></xs:documentation>
@@ -4847,7 +4873,7 @@ in the ``<data>`` tag set with ``format="interval"``.
or the test tool
for more examples.
@@ -5057,6 +5083,7 @@ and ``bibtex`` are the only supported options.</xs:documentation>
<xs:enumeration value="unique_value"/>
<xs:enumeration value="multiple_splitter"/>
<xs:enumeration value="add_value"/>
<xs:enumeration value="remove_value"/>
<xs:enumeration value="sort_by"/>

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