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Library which warps Google Analytics tracking to Xamarin.Forms (Android / iOS). Package also available on Nuget.


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What is this?

xamarin-forms-analytics-wrapper is a library which warps Google Analytics tracking to Xamarin.Forms.

I'm very eager about your feedback, so do not hesitate to create an issue or feel free to improve my code via a contribution.

Setup and Usage

  1. Install the package via nuget into your PCL and platform specific projects.
  2. Get your Analytics-Id (iOS AppDelegate.cs, Android: MainActivity.cs)
  3. Add the registration call to your platform specific main class (see sample).

Example Android implementation of the Init call:

protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle)
	Forms.Init(this, bundle);
	var gaService = AnalyticsService.GetGASInstance();
	gaService.Init("UA-12345675-1", this, 3);
	gaService.OptOut = false;

Example iOS implementation of the Init call:

public override bool FinishedLaunching(UIApplication uiApplication, NSDictionary launchOptions)
    var gaService = AnalyticsService.GetGASInstance();
    gaService.Init("UA-12345675-2", 3);
    gaService.OptOut = false;

More examples on my blog.

FAKE options / Tasks

Execute bin/fake <taskname> to run a task or bin/fake --<optionname> for fake cli options. First run bin/fake install.

Available tasks:

* Restore
  Clean solution and afterwards restore all packages

* Build
  Build all projects of solution

Create Nuget Package

Add changes to xamarin-forms-analytics-wrapper.nuspec file and create package with following command:

nuget pack -Verbosity detailed -Prop Configuration=Release -Version 0.x.x