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sbobuild is a tool that can be used to automate building packages from slackbuilds.org repositories. It takes into account software that is already packaged and ready to be installed from binary package repos and prefers those over the corresponding SlackBuilds.

While building packages, it also creates a full source tree as well as a tree with build log files.

This is only meant to be used in Salix and with the Salix repositories.

Things to do before using it:

  • Create a temporary repo somewhere in your HD. This is where to store created packages. For example in:

This should be full populated by CHECKSUMS.md5, PACKAGES.TXT files. You should initially place a dummy package in there to create the files, otherwise slapt-get will complain.

  • Add this repo to your slapt-getrc:
  • Make sure your /etc/slapt-get/slapt-srcrc contains the following lines:
  • Create the structure of the local repo where packages/sources/logs will be stored. In this example that will be under /home/george/salix/sbo/repo/x86_64 and it will include these directories:
├── log
├── pkg
│   ├── metagen
│   └── salix
└── source

  • Notice the metagen script. You have to put it in there. Everything else are directories.

  • Edit the paths to storagedir_src, storagedir_pkg, logdir in the sbobuild.conf file accordingly. In this example it could be something like:


which also accomodates for both i486 and x86_64 repositories. Put "%s" where you want to replace with "i486" and "x86_64", respectively as in the above example.

  • Fire up sbobuild and provide it with a list of SlackBuilds to build:
sudo sbobuild `cat LIST`