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Scripts to show cyclomatic complexity of Python code in Vim and Emacs.
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Added with short descriptions, vim screenshot and vim install/usage
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pycomplexity.vim include some docs for the new functionality
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base.vim Add cterm-colors. Terminal users get semantics now, not just XX signs. Separated Python and Vim source, with a script to combine them Only run as script when outside vim (thanks, Peter Prohaska)
linum.el Added emacs integration for the complexity calculation tool.
pycomplexity.el Update documentation to use the new package name. Added missing "" script


Scripts to show cyclomatic complexity of Python code in Vim and Emacs.

Original vim script by Gary Bernhardt. Emacs support added by Ignas Mikalajūnas.

Patches contributed by:

  • Godefroid Chapelle
  • Steve Bedford
  • Chris Clark
  • Peter Prohaska

vim plugin

Vim plugin is in pycomplexity.vim directory vim python complexity

install vim plugin with NeoBundle

If you're using NeoBundle plugin manager you can add this into ~/.vimrc:

NeoBundle 'garybernhardt/pycomplexity', {'rtp': 'pycomplexity.vim/'}
" optional F6 mapping to fire :Complexity command
nnoremap <silent> <F6> :Complexity<CR>
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