A Simple & Convenience MultiScreen-Support-Library for Android
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A Simple & Convenience MultiScreen-Support-Library for Android

The essence is percent scaling.

different from android-percent-support-lib

  1. More reliable
    android-percent-support-lib The percentage of the parent and child views.
    Android-ScaleLayout The percentage of the design and devices screens.

  2. More convenience
    android-percent-support-lib need to calculate percent.
    Android-ScaleLayout directly write the design size on layout.xml.

How to look?



float realPixel = percent * designPixel

Pix Mode

float realPixel = percent * designPixel

float percent = mScreenWidth / designScreenWidth

float designPixel = res.getDimensionPixelSize()
float realPixel = mScreenWidth * res.getDimensionPixelSize() / designScreenWidth

DP Mode

float realPixel = percent * designPixel

float percent = mScreenWidth / designScreenWidth
float designPixel = designDP * designDensity // dp to pixel

float designDP = res.getDimensionPixelSize() / mDensity
float realPixel = (mScreenWidth * designDensity * getPixelSize()) / (designScreenWidth * mDensity)


0. dependencies

dependencies {
    compile 'cn.gavinliu.android.lib:ScaleLayout:1.0.4'

1. Initialize

public class MyApplication extends Application {

    public void onCreate() {
            1080, // Design Width
            1920, // Design Height
            3,    // Design Density
            3,    // Design FontScale

TypedValue.COMPLEX_UNIT_SP is Android FontSize unit, the fontscale: float fontScale = ctx.getResources().getDisplayMetrics().scaledDensity;

2. Scale***Layout

Only need to replace FrameLayout LinearLayout RelativeLayout to ScaleFrameLayout ScaleLinearLayout ScaleRelativeLayout.

3. Scale by width or height

Width is default, you can also changed using attr.

<attr name="layout_scale_by" format="enum">
    <enum name="width" value="0"/>
    <enum name="height" value="1"/>

Support Attrs

<attr name="android:layout_width"/>
<attr name="android:layout_height"/>

<attr name="android:layout_margin"/>
<attr name="android:layout_marginLeft"/>
<attr name="android:layout_marginTop"/>
<attr name="android:layout_marginRight"/>
<attr name="android:layout_marginBottom"/>
<attr name="android:layout_marginStart"/>
<attr name="android:layout_marginEnd"/>

<attr name="android:padding"/>
<attr name="android:paddingLeft"/>
<attr name="android:paddingTop"/>
<attr name="android:paddingRight"/>
<attr name="android:paddingBottom"/>
<attr name="android:paddingStart"/>
<attr name="android:paddingEnd"/>

<!-- TextView -->
<attr name="android:textSize"/>