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Simple Validation for Vue

A simple Vue.js validation plugin by


npm install --save vuejs-validation


 * <input type="text" maxlength="${n}"> validation.
const input = {
  // Messages can be retrieved from Validation by validation group, or by individual validation id.
  message: 'Please enter some text.',
  // Valid if validate method returns true.
  validate: (value) => value.length > 0,
  // Get element's maxlength attribute when validator is registered.
  // Data method is executed once, when this validator is 'registered'/added to the Validation.
  data: (value, el) => {
    return { maxLength: el.querySelector('input').maxLength };
  // Validation state is updated any time the validator is triggered.
  states: {
    characterlimit: {
      message: (value, old, data) => `${data.maxLength - value.length} characters remaining.`,
      validate: (value, old, data) => value.length <= data.maxLength

// set up validation
import Validation from './plugins/validation.js';
Validation.add({ input });

All validation states can be applied as classes (by default, can be turned off). Default classes applied are invalid and pristine. All optional states are also applied as classes, using the key of the state as the classname.


<my-component id="unique-id" v-model="myValue" v-validation="customValidation"></my-component>

You can optionally group fields together:

<my-component id="unique-id" v-model="myValue" v-validation="customValidation" data-validation-group="GroupName"></my-component>
  // You have access to instance methods when you need to inspect specific items for validation:

  updated: function () {
    this.areAllValid  = this.$validation.validateAll();
    this.dirtyFields = this.$validation.getDirty();

Instance methods available from vue-validation.js.

    Vue.prototype.$validation = {
      validate: (f, v) => validator.validate(f, v),
      validateAll: (group, force) => validator.validateAll(group, force),
      getDirty: (group) => validator.getDirty(group),
      getTouched: (group) => validator.getTouched(group),
      getStates: (state, group) => validator.getStates(state, group),
      reset: () => validator.reset(),
      fields: {
        get: (id) => validator.fieldContainer.get(id),
        all: (group) => validator.fieldContainer.all(group),
      messages: {
        get: (id, name) => validator.messageContainer.get(id, name),
        first: (id) => validator.messageContainer.first(id),
        all: (group) => validator.messageContainer.all(group)


More docs, more features.

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