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Homebrew Hub games database

JSON and Assets database of all the game and homebrew entries on Homebrew Hub. Propose here additions, improvements and fixes.

Schema compliance


We want to include every homebrew, game or demo ever produced for Game Boy or Game Boy Color. If you know an interesting entry, please contribute, everyone can add new games or improve the existing entries, it's really easy!

There are also a lot of websites and blogs with a lot of ROMs, we are writing script to automatically scrape those resources. Take a look.


The Homebrew Hub project is licensed under the GPLv3 license.

Each game, homebrew, demo and their related asset, file, screenshot or source code is released under different license terms and copyright holders. Please refer to the single entries for details.

If you are the copyright holder for any of the material hosted here, please open an Issue or email us at hh a t