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Checklist Data

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Resources comprising a list of species belonging to some category (e.g. taxonomic, geographic, trait-based, red list, crop wild relative) and optionally with higher classification and/or additional traits associated with each species. Examples of such datasets include global or regional taxonomic checklists, global or national red lists, catalogues of species included in undigitised collections, park checklists, etc. If sufficient information exists in the source dataset (or applies consistently to all species in the checklist), it is recommended that these datasets are presented as Occurrence Data. These datasets include the same basic descriptive information included under Resource Metadata.

How to transform your data into checklist data

Ultimately your data needs to be transformed into a table structure using Darwin Core (DwC) term names as column names.

Try putting your data into the Excel template, which includes all required DwC fields and recommended DwC fields.

Alternatively if your data is stored in a supported database, you can write an SQL table (view) using DwC column names. Be careful to include all required DwC fields and add as many recommended DwC fields as possible.

For extra guidance, you can look at the exemplar datasets.

You can augment your table with extra DwC columns, but only DwC terms from this list.


Download Checklist Data Template Download Checklist Data Template

Populate it and upload it to the IPT. Try to augment it with as many DwC terms as you can.

Required DwC fields:

Recommended DwC fields:

Exemplar datasets:


Q. How do I add common names to a taxon record?

A. Make a table of common names. The table must include a taxonID column. That way, each row can link to the (core) taxon record. You can augment your common names table with extra columns, but only using term names from this list. You can upload this table to the IPT, and map it to the Vernacular Name extension.