A simple command-line interface for registering domain names
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== What is it ==

DomainCLI is a simple command-line interface for registering domain names:

  gdb@inferno:~$ domaincli check domaincli.com
  Checking status of domaincli.com... Available!

  gdb@inferno:~$ domaincli register domaincli.com
  * Your total comes to $12 (1 year x 1 domain) *
  Using American Express ending in 7314 and expiring on 02/2016
  Are you cool with this purchase? [Yn] y
  Trying to register domaincli.com... success!

  You are now the proud owner of

  \--> Congratulations!  You now own domaincli.com.

== Client Installation ==

Run 'sudo easy_install domaincli'.  That's it.  You can immediately
start running domaincli commands such as 'domaincli check domaincli.com'.

By default, you'll be using the domaincli.com servers to register domains, but
you're welcome to set up your own DomainCLI server instance as described below.

== Server Installation ==

Currently, the domain registration functionality is built on top of
the internet.bs API.  Payment functionality is built on the stripe.com
API.  In order to set up a domaincli server, you'll need an account on

Signing up for an internet.bs API reseller account is pretty painless,
but it does require a $65 minimum deposit to get up and running -

Stripe is currently in a private beta, but if you email me
(gdb@gregbrockman.com) I'll see if I can get you an invite.

Copy server/conf.sample.yaml to server/conf.yaml, add a test-mode API
key from Stripe (the internet.bs test credentials will work), and
you'll be good to go (modulo dependencies).  Run
'server/bin/domaincli-server' to start the server.

== Current functionality ==

Currently one can query whether a domain is owned, purchase a domain, and set
nameservers.  All domains (currently com, info, net, org, us) are $12.

== Future directions ==

- Allow creation of DNS records from the command line
- Automatically set up Google Apps For Your Domain
- Improve UI and onboarding flow (shouldn't prompt for nameservers during initial
  domain purchase, etc.)
- Tons of generic domain actions (list domains, transfer domains).
- Suggest possible domain names you might want to buy (such as by concatenating
  random words).
- Collect email address so people can be emailed with domain renewal reminders.

This project is mainly a proof-of-concept, so let me know if there are any
particularly interesting features you'd like to see developed.

== Contact ==

Feel free to contact me at gdb@gregbrockman.com with comments, questions,
suggestions, complaints, angry letters, happy letters, apathetic letters, musings
about life, and the like.

== Website ==

The website for the project / service is http://domaincli.com

== License ==

DomainCLI is released under the MIT license.  Feel free to do whatever you want
with the code.  Patches welcome.