libiptc bindings for Go language. Object-oriented design, supports IPv6 and same wait locking mechanism as iptables/ip6tables.
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libiptc Go bindings

libiptc bindings for Go language. Object-oriented design, support for IPv6 (libip6tc) and same wait locking mechanism as iptables/ip6tables official binaries.

This project currently contains Go bindings to libip4tc/libip6tc dynamic link libraries, most headers/commenst are from original iptables C headers.

Please note that there is no public/stable C/C++ API for libiptc, quoting from official Netfilter FAQs:

4.5 Is there an C/C++ API for adding/removing rules?

The answer unfortunately is: No.

Now you might think 'but what about libiptc?'. As has been pointed out numerous times on the mailinglist(s), libiptc was NEVER meant to be used as a public interface. We don't guarantee a stable interface, and it is planned to remove it in the next incarnation of linux packet filtering. libiptc is way too low-layer to be used reasonably anyway.

We are well aware that there is a fundamental lack for such an API, and we are working on improving that situation. Until then, it is recommended to either use system() or open a pipe into stdin of iptables-restore. The latter will give you a way better performance.

How to use

Install the dependency with go get or your dependency system of choice.

go get

You can use xtables locking features by importing and IPv4/IPv6 features by importing either or

Once the package is imported and being used, the OS thread is locked to a specific background goroutine and all calls are performed serially through such goroutine.


In order to build this package it is necessary for it to reside within a proper GOPATH and that iptables headers are globally available on the system; on Debian/Ubuntu systems these are provided by iptables-dev package, otherwise you can refer to the official upstream iptables git repository: git://

To build everything (except tests):


To build the package it will suffice a:

make build

To run tests (with proper root privileges):

make test

To build the examples:

make examples


  • separate libip6tc package that uses '#cgo LDFLAGS: -lip6tc'
  • unit tests coverage
  • finally, some analysis of memory leakage

Useful resources


Licensed under GNU/GPL v2.