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  1. mail Public

    Library to send e-mails over different transports and protocols (like SMTP and IMAP) using immutable messages and streams. Also includes SMTP server.

    PHP 400 22

  2. Offline usage for Ember Data, based on localstorage adapter, but now uses Mozilla's localforage as data source

    JavaScript 135 26

  3. camt Public

    PHP Parser for CAMT messages

    PHP 64 57

  4. xsl Public

    XSL 2.0 Transpiler in PHP

    PHP 43 9

  5. Forked from barracudanetworks/ArchiveStream-php

    Archive streaming library for PSR-7

    PHP 30 1

  6. push Public

    Send push messages to Android and Apple using one interface

    PHP 12 3



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