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This is a demo app based on auth0 SPA Angular quickstart. It is integrated with a .Net Core 3.1 backend. The purpose is to demonstrate how to use auth0 to secure Api calls to a NetCore31 app from an Angular 8+ SPA.

To make it work you need to:

  1. Have an auth0 subscription.
  2. Create an Application and an API.
  3. Edit following files with your auth0 configuration info:
  • \auth0-backend-demo\appsettings.config
  • \auth0-angular-demo\src\app\auth.service.ts
  1. In the angular app install the npm packages: cd .\auth0-angular-demo
    npm install
  2. start the angular app: npm start
  3. Compile and run the .NetCore Api app: cd .\auth0-backend-demo
    dotnet restore dotnet run
  4. Open your browser and navigate to http://http://localhost:3000/

To better understand how to configure your app I recommended to complete the auth0 angular2 quickstart.

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