@tjhei tjhei released this May 18, 2015 · 2129 commits to master since this release


  • New: Averaging of material properties between the quadrature points of a cell. This greatly increases the stability of solutions in simulations with spatially varying coefficients, and also greatly accelerates the solution, at times up to a factor of ten.
  • Corrections to the entropy stabilization scheme for compositional fields.
  • Fixed and extended: Removal of rigid body translations and rotations when the simulation has a nullspace.
  • New: VTU visualization output can now be grouped into an arbitrary number of files per time step.
  • Various fixes to the nonlinear solver residual computation.
  • New visualization postprocessors that can output the shear stress and full stress tensors.
  • Fixes to the latent heat formulation.
  • New 'ascii data' plugins for boundary and initial conditions.
  • New mass flux statistics postprocessor.
  • Many other fixes and small improvements.

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