Deprecated template compilation profile, only useful to build a custom geOrchestra instance.
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Template profile for geOrchestra

This repository contains files which were previously used to configure a geOrchestra instance, at compilation time.

From 16.12 on, building geOrchestra with this template profile is no longer required, since the magic happens at runtime with the geOrchestra datadir !


This configuration folder contains:

  • a build_support directory hosting:
    • a shared.maven.filters file, which lists most of the shared maven filters you want to customize for your own setup,
    • a GenerateConfig.groovy file, which is used to customize the application specific default maven filters,
  • several directories matching the names of geOrchestra modules, whose files will override the default ones in the webapp,
  • an excluded directory, which can be used to store extra scripts or files that are not directly related to the geOrchestra configuration. They will not be shipped into the configuration jar.


This configuration profile makes the following main hypotheses:

  • a single machine, "3 tomcats"-based setup, as described by the official documentation,
  • tomcat connectors configured to bind to ports 8180 (proxy/cas), 8280 (all other webapps), 8380 (geoserver) on localhost,
  • HTTPS scheme is assumed on the front web server,
  • english language is the default one,
  • minimal (production) logging level.