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Like git blame, but interactive.
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git browse

git browse is an interactive version of git blame written using Python and curses. It is inspired by the TextMate Git bundle's interactive blame interface.


  1. Clone the Git repository:

     git clone git://
  2. Add the bin directory to your PATH. For example, you might put the following line in your .bashrc file:

     export PATH=$PATH:~/git-browse/bin


git browse [rev] file
  • rev is an (optional) revision to start from. It defaults to HEAD (i.e. the revision you have currently checked out)
  • file is the name of a file in your Git repository that you want to examine.

This will bring up a browsing interface. Navigate around the file using the usual keys that should be familiar to anyone who uses Less, and use [ and ] to move the previous or next revisions of the file.

Exit with q, or exit and pass the currently selected commit to git show with s.

Run git browse --help or man git-browse to see the full documentation.


  • The focused line is maintained when moving between revisions, even when lines have been added or removed before the focused line.
  • Use less- and vim-style searching (/ to search forwards, ? to search backwards, n and N to jump to the next and previous matches).
  • Jump to a line by typing the line number and pressing return.


git browse is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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