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This repository contains examples of Gestpay Server-to-Server capabilities (also called S2S).

It has been developed with one goal in mind: to be as clear as possible. That's why we don't use any external library.

These examples are compiled against Gestpay test endpoints; to switch endpoint and regenerate classes, see Generate new classes section.

All Gestpay S2S functions are discussed in the docs and in the API.


  • Java 7+
  • Maven

Before running anything, check to:

  • Have a Gestpay test account
  • have added your external IP address to Gestpay configuration
  • have modified all the input parameters of your example.

How to run

cd in the project directory.

Compile everything:

$ mvn clean install

Compiled classes are in target/classes directory.

So, to start an example, you could launch (from terminal):

$ cd target/classes
$ java examples.CallIdealListS2SExample

that's it.

Generate new classes

In case of changes to the endpoint, you might want to regenerate classes. You can do it with this command:

$ wsimport \
-keep \
-s src/main/java/ \
-p it.gestpay.wss2s.model \
-Xnocompile \

If you want to generate classes for production endpoint, substitute last line with .

Content of this repository

  • src/main/java: contains all source code.
  • examples package: contains examples, in the form of executable classes.
  • it.gestpay.wss2s.model package: contains the webservice and Gestpay model classes.
  • util package: contains a file with some logging utilities.


To see the actual http and xml data passing over the net, you can add this snippet at the top of the class to test:

public class ClassToTest {

   static {
   	System.setProperty("", "true");
   	System.setProperty("", "true");
   	System.setProperty("", "true");
   	System.setProperty("", "true");


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