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Carina™ client

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Create and interact with clusters on both Rackspace Public and Private Cloud.

Carina Constellation

See the official documentation and an overview of Carina.


The build script assumes you're running go 1.7 or later. If not, upgrade or use something like gimme.


This creates carina in the current directory (there is no make install currently).

Make Targets

  • make: First run for newcomers.
  • make get-deps: Retrieves dependencies into the vendor/ directory using glide.
  • make validate: Run tools like fmt.
  • make test: Run unit tests.
  • make local: Build for the current dev env, using whatever dependencies that happen to be on the local machine.
  • make cross-build: The official build.

Editing libcarina

Here's how to work on libcarina and the cli at the same time locally:

  1. Run go get
  2. Make required changes to libcarina in $GOPATH/src/
  3. In $GOPATH/src/, run rm $GOPATH/src/ so that Go will pickup your local edits, and not use the vendored version. Use make local to build. Don't use make as it will restore the vendored copy of libcarina, overriding your local changes.
  4. When everything is looking good, run make in $GOPATH/src/ to validate and format your changes.
  5. Submit a PR to libcarina and once it is merged to master, note the commit hash.
  6. In $GOPATH/src/ update the commit hash for libcarina. Make sure you are editing the libcarina package and not libmakeswarm. They are same repository, but represent different branches.
  7. In $GOPATH/src/, run make and verify that libcarina is restored the right vendored commit hash and everything still works.


Beta Builds

Here's how to release a beta build:

  1. Checkout the release branch: git checkout release/v2.0.0

  2. Create a tag for the beta release: git tag v2.0.0-beta.8 -a -m ""

  3. Push the tag: git push --follow-tags

  4. Watch the Travis CI build, and wait for a successful deploy.

  5. Validate the uploaded binary

    curl -sL$(uname -s)/$(uname -m)/carina -o carina
    chmod +x carina
    ./carina --version
    # Should print the new version
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