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Gauge example in csharp

This is an example project for doing web automation testing with Gauge. This project tests some of the functionalities of the active admin demo app. This app is hosted as a Java WAR (with embedded Jetty).

Running this example

The tests are run on Chrome by default.


This example requires the following softwares to run.

  • Java 1.7 or above
    • Note that this is required to run the active admin demo application
  • .NET v4.5 (required for the CSharp plugin to run), you could write your test code to target a lesser version.
  • Gauge Visual Studio plugin (2015)
  • NuGet package manager
  • Gauge
  • Gauge csharp plugin
    • can be installed using gauge --install java
  • Chrome

Setting up the System Under Test (SUT)

java -jar activeadmin-demo.war

Get the Dependencies

NuGet.exe install

Run specs

This runs Gauge specs with with IE as default browser for specs execution. Make sure IE is installed in your machine and IEDriverSelenium is in PATH.

If you want to use Firefox/Chrome as browser, pass the corresponding argument to set browser environment as follows:

gauge specs --env="firefox"
gauge specs --env="chrome"

Topics covered in the example


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