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Lingonberry Skeleton for Grav


A clean and simple theme for bloggers, with responsive design and beautiful typography by Anders Norén.


  • Simple and Clean Layout
  • Post Formats
  • Blog Layout
  • Beautiful Design
  • Slideshows inside posts
  • Featured Images
  • Video posts support
  • Supports YouTube
  • Supports SoundCloud
  • Supports Vimeo
  • SimpleSearch support
  • Recent posts
  • Simple calendar
  • JSComments plugin support
  • Comments and Forms plugin support

Basic Setup for a new Grav site

The simplest way to install Lingonberry theme for Grav is to download and install the Lingonberry Skeleton package:

  1. Download Lingonberry Skeleton
  2. Simply unzip the package into your web root folder.
  3. Point your browser at the folder, job done!

TIP: Check out the general Grav installation instructions for more details on this process.

Existing Grav site

It is possible to install just the theme, but page content will need to reference the Lingonberry theme's supported templates. It is strongly advised to at least install the Lingonberry Skeleton package to see the theme's capabilities in action.

To install just the theme:

$ bin/gpm install lingonberry

Available post types

There are several post formats available. You can set them by customizing type page header variable. For example

type: video

Available post types are: aside, audio, chat, gallery, image, link, quote, status, video. Each selections contains different icon and formatting.


You can add slideshow to your posts by customizing slideshow page header variable. For example:

  - title: "Audio 1 M Compact Stereo"
    image: 1.jpg
  - title: "Vitsœ 606 Universal Shelving System"
    image: 2.jpg
  - title: "SK4 Music Center"
    image: 3.jpg
  - title: "Vitsœ 606 Universal Shelving System"
    image: 4.jpg



A clean, simple and responsive theme for bloggers. Features responsive design, retina ready assets, custom styling for all post formats, custom page templates and custom accent color.





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