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A macOS native desktop Software Defined Radio application using the RTL-SDR USB device.

<> Mar 2020<>

Back from a bit of a hiatus in development on waveSDR, but before I start adding features to waveSDR, I plan on finishing my port of librtlsdr to a native macOS Swift framework. Follow the progress here: RTLSDR.Swift

<> May 2019 <>

I have started a simple build log which can be found in the project's root directory, more as notes to myself, but also as a means of thinking through my design choices and documenting them for future reference. Eventually my build log will become posts on my wordpress site.

At some future date I am going to migrate my domain name and all my web presence to a wordpress site. I have no idea as to when I will finish as dealing with my web presence never seems to be a high priority. In the mean time, if you wish to contact me about waveSDR, please feel free to drop me a comment here. (Sorry for the wordpress template, I prefer to write waveSDR code then build a wordpress site.)

If you are interested in my first prototype / proof-of-concept design, check out my first Youtube video. I also plan on putting together simple videos demonstrating the new features as I add them to waveSDR.


NB: This is purely experimental software. I am using this application as a platform for teaching myself macOS desktop application programming as well as DSP techniques. As it is, there are numerous sections of code where improvement is needed.



  • RTL-SDR hardware
  • Dynamic Device Detection
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Spectrogram
  • AM Demodulator
  • FM Narrow Demodulator
  • FM Wide Demodulator (mono only)
  • Mixer Tuning
  • Swipe to tune