Standalone NECI codebase designed for FCIQMC and other stochastic quantum chemistry methods.
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Codebase for NECI. 
FCIQMC code developed by George Booth and Ali Alavi, 2013                                
Copyright (c) 2013, Ali Alavi 
Please see "LICENSE" file for GNU GPL v.3 license associated with this software.
This program is integrated in Molpro with the permission of 
George Booth and Ali Alavi            

Please feel free to contact myself (George Booth) or Ali Alavi for 
queries or help at and

Contributers to the Alavi group NECI codebase, in alphebetical order;

Ali Alavi, Nick Blunt, George Booth, Deirdre Cleland, Jennifer Mohr, Catherine Overy, Simon Smart, 
James Shepherd, James Spencer, Anthony Stone, Lauretta Schwarz, Alex Thom, Robert Thomas, David Thompson.


For detailed compilation and run options, please see docs/neci.pdf.