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Helpful patterns to unit test a react redux app

The approaches taken in this example to test React Redux are described in the following blog post:
Unit Testing a React Redux App

Installation instructions

Clone from github and move into directory

$ cd unit-testing-react-redux

You will need node.js installed on your machine to try the application.
Install all the dependencies for the application running

$ npm install

You can now run webpack dev server

$ npm start

and try the application navigating localhost:3000

To run the full test suite

$ npm test


Feel free to get involved!
If you have any suggestion open a pull request and I would be happy to merge it and add you to the contributors list.

How to contribute

Fork this repo

$ git clone           # Clone your fork
$ cd unit-testing-react-redux                                                  # Change directory
$ git remote add upstream   # Assign original repository to a remote named 'upstream'
$ git fetch upstream                                                           # Pull in changes not present in your local repository
$ git checkout -b my-new-feature                                               # Create your feature branch
$ git commit -am 'Add some feature'                                            # Commit your changes
$ git push origin my-new-feature                                               # Push to the branch

Once you've pushed a feature branch to your forked repo, you're ready to open a pull request.


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Helpful patterns to unit test a react redux app






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